Saturday, November 13, 2010

Using PayPal - sending a payment

I have found that PayPal is the easiest, fastest, most effective method for receiving payment for your products and services. It saves your clients money and time. And it saves you time, allowing you to process purchases quickly.  For example, when your client purchases one of your items, he or she can set up an account with paypal (free of charge with no monthly fee) and give you their paypal e-mail address. Then you (the seller) can send an invoice to that person. Everything happens online, from the comfort of your own home. Your client saves a trip to the post office, saves using an envelope, and writing a check. You save time in waiting for the payment in order to process the transaction. Within the same hour in which your client placed the order, you will be able to see if the payment has been completed.

Fairly easy and simple.

One detail to know, the seller has to pay a small fee to PayPal. Here is the detailed information taken directly from PayPal's website.

Merchant rate

(from PayPal)
Merchant rate fee schedule
Purchases from $0 USD - $3,000 =         2.96% + $0.30 USD
(purchase payment received monthly)     (Fee per transaction)

There a few more perks about using PayPal that I'll write about in a second post. 

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