Monday, November 22, 2010

Guide to Swagbucks

What is Swagbucks?

It’s a search engine where you can earn swagbucks (sb) for participating in different activities and redeem them for prizes.
[I like to redeem my swagbucks for Gift Cards to Amazon. Only 450 sb for a $5 gift card.
Amazon offers great deals on most products and free 2 day shipping. This deal is also valid for purchases under $25 dollars]
It really takes very little time to search for something and win sb!

Search the web with Swagbucks
a.       search the web, just like you would with Google
b.      when searching, you could win from 0-50 sb.
c.       I usually win between 7-10 sb when I search for something.
d.      Space out your searches so you can win sb several times in a day.
e.      Do not search too much or too many times on a row, you could be banned (for a day)

2.       Watch videos
i.e.: Go to Special Offers and click on ‘Free’
a.       Play the video (do not skip or fast-forward the video. You will never be asked questions about the video, unless you watch a video for a survey)
b.      You may watch several videos in a day.
      You will be awarded 2 sb at a time and within minutes!
c.       Swagbucks will show you a message when you have reached your limit of videos in a day.

3.       Daily Polls
a.       Each day there is a different question. Just answer the question and receive 1 sb.
(once a day)

4.       Visit Trusted Surveys
a.       Receive 1 sb just for visiting the site! (once a day)
b.      You can fill out surveys, but the chances of qualifying are very low (at least for me)

5.       Complete Special Offers
a.       I play the videos.
b.      Keep a junk e-mail address if you sign up for newsletters.

6.       Refer others to Swagbucks
a.       If your friend wins 10 sb with one search or 2 sb from watching a video, you will receive those points too! (Up to 1000 sb)

7.       Enter a Swag Code
a.       This information may be available through Swagbucks’ Blog, Facebook Page (go and like them on fb to get more inside info!), or on the Swidget.
b.      There are codes out just about everyday. Just know that nobody can tell you what the code is, but they may give you hints as to where to find the code.
c.       Codes expire withing a couple of hours (always stated on the FB page or their Blog)
d.      You can enter the code at the Swagbucks’ homepage. (it is case sensitive)
e.      The code usually consists of a random set of letters in caps and lowercase.

Where are the prizes?
You can go to the Swagstore to find what prizes are available for your sb.

Have you really won anything?
Yes, Swagbucks is not a scam. So far, I have received 7 gift cards to Amazon for $5 each.

Gift Card Type
Order #

Shipped Date

$5 e-Gift Card
11/22/10 12:30 PM
$5 e-Gift Card
11/15/10 09:36 PM
$5 e-Gift Card
09/22/10 02:44 PM
$5 e-Gift Card
09/02/10 01:11 PM
$5 e-Gift Card
09/02/10 01:09 PM
$5 e-Gift Card
07/26/10 02:08 PM
$5 e-Gift Card
06/17/10 08:56 PM


  1. I added mine up the other day, I've gotten $100 in amazon gift cards since January, and about $50 in other prizes (other gift cards, swagstake entries, etc.).

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